Schools are about learning. In Salford schools teach children and young people the curriculum and beyond. They also work in partnership with many other agencies to safeguard children and young people. Here we set out some of the resources that are available to support that work.

SSCB Schools Safeguarding Set

The Safeguarding and Child Protection templates contained within the Safeguarding Set can be used by schools to produce, revise or review whole school safeguarding and child protection policies and procedures. Access these documents on the policies and procedures page

Safeguarding in schools: best practice (Ofsted) 

This Ofsted report illustrates and evaluates the features of best practice in safeguarding, based on inspection evidence.

Inspecting safeguarding, Ofsted Briefing for section 5 inspection

This briefing paper aims to support inspectors in reviewing schools' safeguarding arrangements when carrying out section 5 inspections from January 2012.

The SSCP gratefully acknowledges that the SSCP schools safeguarding set has been based on documents produced by Lancashire County Council.

Schools Safeguarding Audit Tools

These audit tools are for school governors, headteachers and staff. The tools have been designed to assist schools in ensuring that they have the evidence to show that their practice and procedures are sufficient and to identify any actions needed to make improvements.

Statutory Guidance 

Further information and resources on key changes in available on KCSIE 2018:

Counter Terrorism Protective Security Advice For Schools

This guidance has been developed with advice from the National Counter Terrorism Security Office to assist schools in addressing security issues relating to the terrorist threat. The sheer range and scale of threats today mean that we have to be more pro-active in our measures to reduce the vulnerability of our organisations, our people, and our sites. The law requires all schools to carry out adequate risk assessments and ensure that suitable measures are in place to manage ALL identified risks. Prompt and regular reviews of those assessments and measures, in light of new threats and developments including terrorism and extreme violence, should be conducted.

Latest news

Details of all the latest news from the Salford Safeguarding Children Partnership.