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The Salford Safeguarding Partnership (SSCP) works with a wide range of partners and is committed to promoting engagement and participation from a wide range of professionals and those that live in Salford. We believe that children, young people, families, carers, and local communities in Salford need to be listened to so that we can understand what matters and can make a positive difference to people living in Salford.

We have developed a virtual 'Listening Hub' with a wide range of partnership agencies to ensure that each partnership is listening and more importantly what action/s are being taken from what is being heard. We want to see the positive changes to enable children and adults to thrive and flourish.  What you tell us will also enable us to prioritise what really matters to you living in Salford and will direct the focus of our work across a range of partnerships and professionals.

Please watch this short animated video to learn more about the Listening Hub.

There is great work taking place in Salford to listen to the views and voices of children and families, to influence change, service delivery and provision. Listening Loop's are a method of demonstrating and showcasing this work by summarising how professionals and organisations have listened, taken action and provided feedback. For more information, soundbites and examples of completed listening loops click on the boxes below.

The Listening Hub promotes the Salford Standards for Listening.  These were developed in collaboration with young people who told us what matters to them and what they want from the people they work with.  Some of the quotes from young people can be found below:

  • “Talk to us, take us seriously”
  • “Listen & show you’re listening”
  • “Care and show it – show it through your expressions, face, voice, body language”
  • “You have to trust people and they have to trust you”
  • “It’s good to be listened to and when they double check I know they have heard what I said”
  • "I feel like a newborn baby having to start again repeating myself…. if your worker changes they should know basic information”

A 7 Minute briefing was also produced to summarise the project to develop the standards.

In June 2023 one of the Listening Hub Squad members, who is the E-safety safeguarding specialist for Salford Council, completed an session on communication with a group of young people who all identify as neurodiverse.  Artwork was produced titled 'Thinking Differently' with quotes from the group on how adults can better communicate with neurodiverse children and young people.

Listening Hub Consultations and Events

Click on the boxes below for information on past consultations and events. If you live or work in Salford and have any thoughts, views or ideas about future consultations or events we would like to hear from you.  If you are a professional and would like to tell us about a consultation you or your organisation is involved in please also contact us at

In January 2023 an event was held to launch the updated Support and Safeguarding Guidance for Salford.  Young people from Salford produced a video which was shown at the event.  The video titled The Safeguarding Zone explains to others what safeguarding is and some of the main features of the guidance. 

An Adolescent Strategy for Salford is currently being developed, to set out how partnership agencies can best work together to support young people in the City.  The SSCP sought to hear from a range of young people to help inform the strategy.  A short survey was developed to gather these views.  The survey closed on 24th July 2022.  A second survey for schools was distributed in September 2022.  A link to the strategy will be available here once finalised. 

The Salford Safeguarding Children Partnership (SSCP) held a Listening Hub event at The Lowry, Salford, entitled "Emotional Health and Wellbeing".  The event was aimed at children in Year 6 and above, young people, parents and carers as well as professionals working with children and young people in Salford. 

This Lunch Bowl launched the Listening Hub and showed an animation video produced by young people and parents to illustrate the purpose and vision of the Listening Hub and provided their views of why it is important to listen to their voices.  

Feedback and analysis from young people, parents and professionals from the  “Keeping children safe online” event was shared, as well as the Salford Listening Standards and Listening Loops. Partnerships and organisations were encouraged to adopt the Listening Loops, to enables greater listening, action and feedback to children, young people and adults. 

From this event further networking with other partnerships have been made who will be joining the Listening Hub. We want to ensure that we are capturing the views and voices of a wide range of children, young people, parents/carers, and those with lived experiences in Salford. This include parents and carers voices such as the 'Salford Parents for Positive Change' group. Any parents that wish to join or want more information about this group please get in touch, contact details are available on the Parent and Carers page

The first Listening Hub event was held as a hybrid event at face to face at The Beacon Centre and online with young people, parents and professionals. There were approximately 20 participants who all actively engaged with four questions that were posed regarding online safety. The focus was on listening to the voices of young people, parents, and professionals.

A report has been produced which captured the feedback of all attendees. From this a short presentation summarises the feedback and next steps. It was evident that this work will need to continue with young people leading this with parents and professionals. A "Listening Loop" will be completed to ensure focus and continuity. It is also hoped that partners within the Listening Hub will stay connected with this work. 

Follow up work in 2022 included young people contributing to information about the online world on the SSCP website and providing quotes for use on webpages.

#BeeWell is a Greater Manchester initiative that annually measures the wellbeing of young people.  It is mainly carried out in schools.  The three main principles are to:

  • Listen to young people’s voices
  • Act together for change
  • Celebrate young people’s wellbeing

The Listening Hub promotes the benefits of the #BeeWell programme and encourages young people to complete the survey.


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