Private Fostering

Are you staying with a friend or a different family? / Is somebody else looking after you?

If you are aged up to 16 (up to 18 if you have a disability) and you are staying with someone other than your parents, aunt/uncles, grandparents or a sister/brothers for more than 4 weeks then we call it "private fostering".  It does not matter whether you decided to stay there or your parents have arranged it for you, it is still "private fostering".

 Some examples of private fostering:

  • A boy/girl who had a 'bust up' with his/her parents and decided to stay at a friend's.
  • A boy/girl that came over to study in England.
  • A boy/girl who is staying with friends of his family
  • A boy/girl who is staying with members of the wider family.

If you think you may be one of these you need to let us know either by telephone on 0161 779 7860.

What happens next?

The private fostering officer will contact you, explain it all and make sure that all's well for you and the right options are open for you. All free!!

The private fostering officer has a duty to find out about the following:

  • How you are feeling and doing.
  • How communication is between your carers and parents.
  • That all is in place for you to feel comfortable and protected.
  • Whether you would like any advice or a listening ear.

For most children and young people, 'private fostering' works well but we still need to have a conversation with every privately fostered child and provide support.

We just need to make sure you are well and listen to you so please let us know.

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