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Parents and carers

Every child has a right to be safe. There are times you may worry about your own child or someone else's child.

If you are worried or concerned about anyone under 18 please get in touch. Please contact The Bridge Partnership on 0161 603 4500. It could be that one phone call from you could help safeguard the wellbeing of a child who may be at risk. Our trained staff are ready to listen to your concerns and offer advice and help.

Do you want to help us improve experiences for families?

Are you a parent or carer of a child in Salford? Would you like to have a say in how services work for families? Can you help us make sure that children in Salford grow up safe, well and achieve their full potential? We’d love you to join Salford Parents for Positive Change and help us guide and grow the way we work with families in Salford.

In Salford, we want everyone who works with children, young people and families to really listen to what they are telling us. We have created a set of Salford standards for listening and we are learning about what has worked in other areas. Parents from Camden visited us recently to share what is working well. They explained how they are working together with professionals to shape services and make sure they get it right for children and families.

We’d like your views on different ways of working, based on your own experiences and what you think would work best for families. We might send you online surveys, or invite you in to focus groups or workshops. We’d never ask for details about your journey or experiences, and if you change your mind at any time that is totally fine.

Kelly a parent from Salford Parents for Positive Change shares why she got involved:

We are a select group of parents who have been locally involved with children's services for many different reasons.

We all have our own stories to share.

We have formed a group to support the Local Authority to make changes to improve the lives of children and families by working together better.

We are here to ensure that Salford are doing it right. Supporting, guiding and encouraging families and children to work closely with services more and more as we move forward with positive change.

My story has been going on for just over 5 years and it has been a battle. As a parent there is very little you can do with no support. I took all the negatives from my child’s experience and decided to get in touch with Salford Parents for Positive Change to make a difference in how services work with families to support children.

Since I got involved I’ve met other parents who’ve had similar experiences to my own, we’ve been able to offer support to each other. I’ve been part of groups along with professionals to choose the services that support families, I’ve been on interview panels to recruit new workers, and I’ve helped the Safeguarding Partnership develop their new guidance.

Now we are reaching out to you, the parents.

To find out more about what we do, to get updates or to get involved please use the form below:

Kelly (on behalf of Salford Parents 4 Positive Change)

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