Private Fostering

Is your child being looked after by somebody else? Are you looking after somebody else's child? Do you know of anyone who is looking after somebody else's child?

When a child is being looked after for 4 weeks or more by someone other than parents, uncles/aunts, grandparents or sister/brothers it becomes "private fostering". In these cases, you have a legal duty to let Salford City Council know about this.

Typical examples of private fostering may include:

  • Parents going into hospital for an operation and leaving the care of the child to a friend.
  • Children from overseas or other places in the UK staying with a family for studies.
  • Parents asking members of the wider family to look after their child.
  • A teenager falling out with his/her parents and going to live with a friend.

Regardless of the circumstances that led to this, it is called "private fostering" and you must contact the private fostering officer in Salford to let him know. 

This applies when the child is up to 16 years of age (18 if the child has a disability).

For more information please download a copy of the looking after someone else's child fact sheet (DOWNLOADABLE DOC)

What happens next?

The private fostering officer will contact you, explain it all and carry out an assessment of the circumstances to see:

  • How the child is doing.
  • How you and the child feel about the placement.
  • How we can mediate between you and the child's parents if needs be.
  • Whether you are getting all benefits you are entitled to.
  • Whether you would need support or advice in any area.

The private fostering officer will help you improve your circumstances; they will also support you in how you care for the child by providing advice and support to apply for services.

The aim is to support the placement and assist you in your duties of care towards the child.

Please contact the officer and they will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Private Fostering Officer
Room 1.4, Salford Civic Centre
Chorley Road
M27 5DA

Phone 0161 779 7860

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