My child is being bullied

Bullying can affect anyone and can have devastating effects for children in terms of feelings of self-worth, self-confidence and school performance.

There's nothing more worrying than thinking your child could be the victim of bullying. We all know that children can be unkind and that what can start off as playful teasing can move into a more serious situation. It can be a difficult time for your child and you the parent to deal with. You may find yourself struggling to find the right support. Don't worry, there are ways you can tackle bullying. Here are some examples of websites you can use:

  • Anti-bullying Alliance: national organisation committed to stopping bullying of all forms
  • ChildLine: national organisation committed to keeping children safe

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Salford City Council and Salford Safeguarding Children's Partnership are committed in working with parents/carers to help keep children and young people in our city safe. There are a range of local networks you can join or seek advice from.

If you have a concern about a child and feel that they are not receiving the right support you can contact 0161 603 4500.

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