Voice of the child

Voice of the Child Advisory Group (VoCAG)

Salford Safeguarding Children Partnership (SSCP) and the Children and Young People's Trust Board (CYPTB) supports Professor Munro's vision for child-centred, rights-based practice and greater public understanding.

'It is crucial for local areas to get feedback from children and young people and their families to inform learning and drive service improvement. It is also key to understanding the impact of the service and the difference children, young people and their families feel has been made to their lives.'

VoCAG will ensure children and young people effectively participate in the work of SSCP, CYPTB and member agencies to inform learning and drive service improvement. It can and should be a central part of what we do. (United Nations Convention, Munro Review 2011, Working Together 2013, Children and Families Bill 2013).

More information about what the VoCAG do can be found in the terms of reference. (DOWNLOADABLE DOC)

Our Children and Young People's Participation Strategy sets out how we are making this happen.

We have recently developed a Voice of the Child DVD (LINK).  This has been embedded into our free communicating with children and young people course. (LINK)

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