Domestic abuse toolkit

This toolkit has been created for practitioners to support you to work safely and effectively with victims, children and perpetrators of domestic abuse.


This toolkit was created to ensure that all families within Salford who are experiencing domestic abuse get an expected standard level of support in line with the practitioner domestic abuse response guidance published in 2020. The toolkit is broken down into three categories:

  • Adult victims
  • Young people
  • Adult perpetrators

Within these three categories you will find support services available, resources and additional literature and research.

The resources available have been created and validated via research and are quality assured resources through safe-lives and RESPECT.

The purpose of this platform is to offer support and guidance to aid you in delivering interventions in relation to domestic abuse. These resources will be reviewed quarterly and update by Claire Baddley Young person domestic abuse lead.


Salford’s Community Safety Partnership lead on Salford’s approach to identifying and responding to domestic abuse in the city, more detail can be found on Partnerships in Salford. Salford Safeguarding Children Partnership (SSCP) are responsible for ensuring that the multi-agency approach to safeguarding children from harm is strong and improves outcomes for children and families in the city.

How to use the toolkit

The toolkit should be used to support your understanding of risk and strengths within the family and enable the right support to be offered at the right time. Please use your line manager if you need to understand more about how a tool can be used in practice. You can also access the specialist support from the Harbour provision.

If you would like any training on a tool, please let SSCP know and all requests will be considered

Click on the category you need support with. If you feel what you’re looking for isn’t present here, or have any suggestions in relation to the develop of resources available please contact

Access the toolkit