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Female Genital Mutilation

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Assessment Toolkit and Guidance

The FGM Task Group has recently launched a new FGM Assessment Toolkit with accompanying guidance.  Its purpose is to support in multi-agency assessment of whether FGM has taken place or there is a risk of FGM to an adult, child or close family member. 

The aim of the toolkit is to

  • support sensitive discussion with those who have experienced or may be at risk of FGM
  • strengthen multi-agency assessment, decision making and signposting of those who have experienced or may be at risk of FGM
  • avoid survivors being repeatedly questioned regarding their experiencing thereby preventing further trauma
  • provide robust information to inform decision making at Bridge
  • assist in determining the level of risk and ensure cases managed at the appropriate threshold

Please submit the appropriate assessment tool alongside referrals made to Bridge to assist in screening and decision making process and store a copy on records

Accessible versions

Accompanying pathways for both adults and children and a 7 minute briefing also aim to further promote understanding of associated risks and professional roles and responsibilities

Accessible versions

Female Genital Mutilation GM Multi Agency Protocols are also available.

Third Sector Support Services

NESTAC Support Our Sisters (SOS) Project works with and supports vulnerable women affected or at risk of FGM providing cross-cultural therapeutic support to women and help them recover from mental pressures related to FGM.  The project empowers clients, providing them the ability and opportunity to move on with their lives, whilst improving their confidence, health and well-being.  Salford SOS Clinic creates space for service users to explore and understand their feelings, overcome their cultural related health beliefs and develop coping strategies to deal with the trauma caused by FGM.  Further information regarding the service and referral can be found below:

Ear for You  is a Covid 19 Support Line for BAME communities.  Those who are recovering from Covid 19, self- isolating, have relatives suffering from Covid 19 or BAME women and young girls who are victims of abuse and violence can use the helpline.  The helpline provides advice, guidance and cross cultural emotional support relating to Covid 19 matters and tailored psychosocial therapy to women and young girls who are victims of abuse during Covid 19.  Individual and group therapy is available in various languages.

The Guardian Project co-ordinates care and support for girls and young women (up to the age of 21 years) affected by or at risk of FGM.  The project brings together the expertise of two specialist FGM organisations NESTAC and AFRUCA to provide expert advice, support professionals, work with girls and young women to access appropriate support and improve outcome of FGM case-working.

FGM recorded lunch bowl

Access this pre-recorded session on FGM which takes you through the pathways for FGM (Children & Adults), the FGM toolkit, and the support services available in Salford.

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