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Salford Standards for listening to children, young people and families

In Salford, we want everyone who works with children, young people and families to really listen to what they are telling us. We have created a set of Salford standards for listening, and we are learning about what has worked in other areas.

Parents from Camden visited us recently to share what is working well. They explained how they are working together with professionals to shape services and make sure they get it right for children and families.

We asked you what was important when working with services and we have created ‘Salford Standards’ based on what you said.

We are asking all workers to adopt these standards when working with families.

Learning from other areas

We have been looking at good practice from other areas who work with children, young people and families particularly well. Camden are a great example and have been telling us all about their approach. 

Hear from two Camden parents in the short film below.


If you need to print a copy of the standards you can do so below.

Salford Standards for Listening to Children, Young People and Families (PDF, 364kb)

I will be respectful, honest and reliable with the children, young people, parents and carers I work with

Respect: being treated well.

I will listen to what is important to you - your thoughts, feelings and wishes

Listen and show you’re listening.

I won’t ask you what you have already told other workers unless I need to understand more that I can’t find out by reading the information that I already have

I feel like a newborn baby having to start again repeating myself…. if your worker changes they should know basic information.

I will listen to your views, wishes and feelings and make sure that this is central to everything I do.

Being heard – listened to

I’ll check back with you to make sure I have understood what you said.

It’s good to be listened to, and when they double check, I know they have heard what I said.

I will make sure that your views and voice are loud and clear in anything I write

Talk to us, take us seriously.

I will always introduce myself and explain my purpose in a way that you can understand – I am here to help keep you safe and well and the best you can be.

When I met my current worker she was bubbly, hopeful, and approachable and I knew that she was interested in me and my life.

I will let you know if what you tell me needs to be shared with anyone else.

Trust is really important, when it’s broken I won’t share stuff with that person again.

What you communicate to me will be shown in your records and assessments through direct quotes (what you say) and observations (what I see) and reflect your wishes and feelings

Better understanding through sharing what you already know

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