Thresholds of need and response

The partnership vision is that; “All partners are committed to working together so that every child in Salford is safe, well and able to reach their full potential.”

“The Support and Safeguarding in Salford: Helping children to thrive Guidance” has been produced/drafted by the SSCP.  This will replace the Threshold of need and response in Salford 2020. The Guidance is for anyone who works with or cares for children including families, professionals, and members of the community. It has been produced to ensure the right support, from the right people is available at the right time for children and their families when needed and explains how to get different types of support.

This guidance places emphasis on support available for families and safeguarding processes, to reflect the SSCP vision of children being supported to grow up safe, well and thriving in Salford.

On the 17th June 2021 a Focus Group was held inviting Professionals, parents, and local communities to give views of the Draft Threshold Practice Guidance. It was well attended however, we need to strive to consult wider with agencies, the local communities, and families to ensure that we are capturing the views of Salford’s diverse community. If you would like to raise any thoughts/views about this new Threshold Guidance please contact:

The feedback was welcomed and discussions in particular from Salford Parents for Positive Change were invaluable. The views are now being analysed and action from these will be included in a further version. An additional shorter Guidance was proposed which is also being actioned.

SSCP has developed a Lead Professionals Handbook (2020) to help lead practitioners to co-ordinate the delivery of support services across the threshold of need.

Author: Maria Ogunyemi (Participation Lead, SSCP) 21/07/2021

Early Help

Salford's Early Help Strategy 2018-2021 sits alongside Thresholds of Need and Response. See the Early Help page on the Partnerships in Salford website for more information.  

If you have any questions or comments about these documents contact SSCP Business Manager, on 0161 603 4351, or email:

For SSCP training on thresholds, please go to SSCP training pages.

If you want to tell us about a child or family who might need help now please go to the  worried about a child page.

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