Domestic Abuse and Child Protection

Pre-course requirements 
Attendance at SSCB Foundation course

Course aims

  • To further develop participants' knowledge, skills and attitudes to domestic abuse and its impact on women and children.
  • To assist participants in creating co-ordinated, consistent and effective partnership responses when working with families and children experiencing domestic abuse (DA).

Course objectives
Participants will be able to:

  • Recognise that DA is a child protection issue and children are the focus
  • Understand the impact on children and young people of living with domestic abuse
  • Explain the need to be sensitive and confident in their enquiries, responses and interventions
  • Consider different methods of intervention and responses to families at the first point of contact where there are DA issues
  • Describe the assessments that may be undertaken as part of the child protection process
  • Recognise the importance and complexities of working together in partnership with families, individuals, workers and agencies
  • Describe possible legal interventions
  • Be aware of the issues to consider when making decisions about contact between the perpetrator and any children in the family
  • Working with children and young people in order to reduce the risk of them becoming perpetrators
  • Identify the range of services offered to victim/survivors, children and young people from the various agencies including safety plans
  • Consider actively the issues of staff safety and effective supervision and support within the context of DA work 

Participants are often asked to reflect on the emotional impact of the work they do and how it can be managed. Some handouts are provided on the day and others sent by email after the course.

Duration and time
Two days, 9.15am to 4.30pm

It is important to attend for the full course or learning outcomes may not be met. Please note that late arrival may result in you not being admitted to the course. Leaving early may result in not being given a certificate of attendance.

The Safeguarding Board is now charging agencies for staff who fail to attend if we are not informed at least five working days before the course.

This includes participants who arrive late and are not admitted by the trainers or participants who on the day inform the trainers they need to leave early. The charge for this course would be £80 which would be requested at the end of the financial year.

Who should attend?
Staff from all agencies who may be involved with families where domestic abuse is an issue.

To book a place on this course please complete our online booking form.

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