E-safety and anti-bullying

Everyone who has a duty of care towards children and young people across the whole Salford community needs to understand about keeping themselves safe when using digital technologies. As well as being common sense this is also part of the wider Safeguarding Best Working Practice in use across Salford.

What does 'keeping safe online' mean?

If you are at work or somewhere representing your organisation you should behave in a professional manner at all times and particularly with regard to digital technologies. For example always use your work email address for work related matters, likewise any contact numbers that you give out.

Do check out all safeguarding policies and guidance and be aware that you could be putting yourselves and those you care about at risk if you use the internet and mobile phones inappropriately. You may also subject to disciplinary action.

How can I keep myself safe online?

Salford has produced a special guide to help those people working with or volunteering with children and young people with regard to their own safety online. The guidance is downloadable from the Salford City Council website. If you have not had any training on e-safety please contact your manager and ask for some.

Schools will be receiving an updated e-safety policy template to use.

More information

For great information about keeping yourself as well as the children and young people in your care safe online, please see the links below:

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