SSCP Practice Review Policy and Toolkit

If you are aware of multi-agency working that has resulted in a seriously good outcome, or you are concerned about the way agencies have worked together with a particular case, you can make a referral to the practice review subgroup.

To support agencies we have developed a practice review activities flowchart, Practice Review Policy and Toolkit. You can download the referral template from our toolkit.

NB before you submit a referral form to SSCP please

  • Read the top tips (Appendix A) in the referral template
  • Send it to your Practice Review Subgroup agency representative to ensure it is quality assured and they have oversight.
  • Only include relevant/essential personal information for the individuals involved in the case/incident that triggered the referral

For more information visit: or email:

Consent for sex

Leading figures in the field of sexual assault and rape agree that one key message we can promote to our children and young adults is to educate them about consent. You may have seen this short video before, but it is still a useful resource for reminding us that:

  • Sex without consent is rape
  • When someone is asleep or unconscious or too drunk, they cannot make a choice or give consent
  • Consent can be withdrawn at any time
  • If someone has consented in the past this does not guarantee consent in the future
  • Responsibility for rape rests solely with the perpetrator

Check out the video at:

Key messages from Child in Need review

A recent review of Child in Need cases found the following key messages relevant for practitioners from all agencies:

  • The most effective plans which could evidence improved outcomes for the child were those which were informed by a thorough multi-agency assessment completed in full partnership with the parent.
  • Well coordinated plans resulted in families receiving the right support at the right time – this led to improved outcomes for the child.
  • Some Child in Need plans did not address the main presenting issues, and there was a lack of multi-agency challenge to ensure that plans were reviewed regularly to maintain focus on improving outcomes for the child.
  • All partner agencies have a role in providing evidence to show that the plan has had a positive impact on improving outcomes for the child.

Please remember that all partner agencies have an active role to play in supporting children who are on a Child in Need plan by contributing to their multi-agency assessments and plans.

Safeguarding Children Practitioner Survey

Please take the time to click on the link below and tell us about your frontline practitioner experience of safeguarding children in Salford, it will take less than ten minutes. The results will be used to improve how we work together across the Partnership to safeguard children.

Please share with your colleagues, closing date is 16 April.

Access the survey here:

Peer Review of Multi-agency Safeguarding Arrangements 2020

We recently commissioned Carole Brookes Associates Ltd to independently evaluate the effectiveness of our multi-agency Safeguarding Children Partnership Arrangements which we implemented in April 2019. 

Bolton Safeguarding Children Partnership was a critical friend in the peer review and supported us to assess strengths, observations and identify areas for improvement. 

The review took place during a challenging period as agencies were all embracing new ways of working and digital technology to sustain service delivery in response to the pandemic. It has been helpful to hold the mirror up, reflect on our journey and is something that should be celebrated.

Salford is a strong partnership and the findings evidence we are going well beyond compliance but it identified key areas for improvement to maintain the robust partnership. An action plan is being drafted by the Safeguarding Operational Group to ensure the learning is taken forward.

For more information download the findings or contact SSCP Business Unit email:

New SSCP YouTube Channel

We have recently launched our new SSCP YouTube channel to share lessons learnt from case reviews, multi-agency briefings and practitioner forums.

February uploads includes the Obesity Pathway

To subscribe to our channel or watch the videos visit Salford Safeguarding Children Partnership - YouTube

Learning from Practice Reviews

Safeguarding Adults Review (SAR) Eric

The report and seven minute briefing for the recently completed safeguarding adult review ‘SAR Eric’ was published 12th January 2021 and is available to view on the SSAB website.

Housing Awareness Pack

As a result of a recent joint Salford Adult Review (SAR) / Domestic Homicide Review, housing sector colleagues in Salford have come together to develop an awareness package to increase knowledge of partners to the way housing is made up, the support available, particularly where there are welfare or safeguarding concerns and there is a lack of engagement from the household and the range of powers available to housing to intervene.

The pack includes:

Spotlight Briefing Powerpoint Presentation

Housing Key Messages Fact Sheet

Rehousing in Salford What you need to know

7 Minute Briefing Salford Housing Options Service / Plain Text Version

7 Minute Briefing Supported Housing Service / Plain Text Version

7 Minute Briefing Registered Providers of Social Housing / Plain Text Version

Housing Standards Checklist Privately Rented Properties

Map - large Registered Providers in Salford with over 1000 properties

Salford Designated Safeguarding Contacts November 2020

The pack can be found at

Other National Days - March 2021

Eating Disorders Awareness Week (1-7th March)

As part of Eating Disorders Awareness Week, 1-7 March 2021, Manchester and Salford Community Eating Disorder service will be delivering an online briefing session for professionals to raise awareness on Eating Disorders to #edawarenessweek. Please note the session will be delivered on Microsoft Teams

Date: Friday 5th March, 11.0am – 12.00pm

To book a place please email

National Child Exploitation Awareness Day (8th March)

Thursday 18 March is National Child Exploitation Awareness Day, highlighting the issues surrounding Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE). The day aims to encourage everyone to think, spot and speak out against abuse, and be alert to the issues. For more information visit STOP CSE – National Child Exploitation Awareness Day (

Safer Sleep Week (15-21 March)

Safer Sleep Week is The Lullaby Trust’s national awareness campaign targeting anyone looking after a young baby. It aims to raise awareness of sudden infant death syndrome and the safer sleep advice that reduces the risk of it occurring.

In 2021 our focus is on Dads. Dads often have a key role in the care of their baby, in some cases they are the primary carer. It is therefore crucial they understand how to reduce the risk of SIDS and sleep their baby safely. For more information visit  The Lullaby Trust - Safer sleep for babies

Useful Links to Training, Information and Resources

The SSCP has developed a Virtual Training Programme offering webinars, spotlight briefings, practitioner forums and videocasts. Our training programme is complemented by e-learning courses7 minute briefings Learning from Practice Reviews, Learning Events and by subscribing our new SSCP YouTube channel. We will continue to review the possibility of offering face to face training in line with Government advice and local needs.  

  • Visit also Salford Thrive for further Training, Resources and Events including Eating Disorders, Psychological First Aid, Mindfulness, Helping young people with anxiety, low mood and depression during Covid 19
  • The Emotional Health Service Directory will help you access useful resources and services available to support children and young people's emotional health and well-being and to provide guidance when making a referral into services. 
  • To support us to become more aware of trauma and how we can support resilience across the City, take a look at The Salford Way which includes self care resources for taking care of ourselves and our colleagues.

Safeguarding Resources, Training and Information

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