Changes to Bridge referral process

As part of the implementation of Liquidlogic, Salford Children’s Services’ new case management system and the ongoing Bridge Transformation project there are some important changes coming to the referral process to The Bridge (incorporating Children’s Social Care & Early Help). This includes a new referral form, which has been designed to get the right help at the right time for children, young people and families, supported by some key process changes.

Please visit the Bridge referral process page on this website for more information.

Toolkit – Think CHILD

Parental mental health has featured in Rapid Reviews and Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews (previously SCR’s) locally and is present in a high numbers of national reviews. The THINK CHILD practice guidance and toolkit has been developed to support professionals to work collaboratively with parents via a conversational guide, to understand the impact of mental health on their children.  This is increasingly important in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic which is amplifying stress and mental health difficulties.

Please visit the parental mental health page for more information and resources

Thriving Families Tool

Child neglect is a huge priority in Salford, and a key change is being introduced over the next few months to help professionals and practitioners identify cases of neglect. The brand new ‘Thriving Families Neglect Tool’ and guidance are available to you to aid your discussions with families, guide you on what to ask and what to look for and give you more confidence to identify neglect. It’s simple and easy to use and we’ve had really positive feedback from a range of professionals who have been involved in testing.

Please visit the Neglect page for more information and access to resources

Independent review of Children’s Social Care

The government has commissioned an independent review of children’s social care in England. An initial report shows that there is too much focus on crisis intervention rather than providing support for families earlier on. Here in Salford we are already trying to work with families in a different way to prevent situations escalating to crisis point, for example through the Family Partnership Model, the Thriving Families Tool, and by adopting principles such as the Salford Listening Standards.

Read a BBC article about the report, or download the report here.

A final report which makes recommendations for change will be published next spring.

Helping Children Thrive

“The Support and Safeguarding in Salford: Helping children to thrive Guidance” has been produced/drafted by the SSCP.  This will replace the Threshold of need and response in Salford 2020 thresholds-of-need-and-response-2020.pdf ( The Guidance is for anyone who works with or cares for children including families, professionals, and members of the community. It has been produced to ensure the right support, from the right people is available at the right time for children and their families when needed and explains how to get different types of support.

For more information please visit the Thresholds of need and response page.

Education Listening Hub

The SSCP wishes to increase their engagement with schools to capitalise upon the knowledge and experience of those responsible for safeguarding within educational establishments across Salford. Please look at the Education Listening Hub page for more information.

Listening Hub Competition

Our new listening hub is a bringing together the voice of children, families and communities to improve practices and make Salford a better place to live.

Now, we’re on the hunt for a creative logo and a clever strapline for our listening hub, with a new competition open to all children and young people in Salford. Please help us promote this competition far and wide. For full details of the competition and the prizes up for grabs, visit Listeninghub | Salford Safeguarding Children Partnership

Introducing Liquidlogic and new referrals form

A lot of hard work has been happening behind the scenes to replace a number of systems currently used within Early Help, children’s social care and adult’s social care with a new system called Liquidlogic, which will go live on 10 August 2021. This will enable strengthening support to families and children across the city and work in a more joined-up way to meet the needs of residents and the increasingly digital world.

This system also includes a new portal for you to make referrals into the Bridge. You will continue to access this via the Salford City Council website, but the additional functionality will help improve the referrals process and provide children and families with the right help at the right time.

There will be regular updates in future editions of the SSCP bulletin as we move closer to Go Live, including a walk-through of the new referrals form. Please do keep your eyes peeled for those and if you have any questions, you can contact the project team on

Learning from Practice Reviews

A recent review has once again highlighted the vulnerability of babies aged under 12 months. Practitioners are encouraged to be extra vigilant where babies are concerned. Key messages include:  be confident to ask difficult questions about males in the household; share information about domestic abuse incidents; make use of opportunities to support and safeguard pregnant women.

Read the Case Review 7 Minute Briefing "Chloe" available on the 7-Minute Briefing page

National Events

South Asian Heritage Month – 18 July to 17 August

South Asian Heritage Month (SAHM) runs from 18 July to 17 August every year.

It seeks to raise the profile of British South Asian heritage and history in the UK through education, arts, culture and commemoration, with the goal of helping people to better understand the diversity of present-day Britain and improve social cohesion across the country.

It is a month of activity to commemorate, mark, celebrate to explore the shared cultures and histories of the UK and South Asia, as well as to better understand the diverse heritage that continues to link the UK and South Asia.

To find out more, visit South Asian Heritage Month

Useful Links to Training, Information and Resources

The SSCP has developed a Virtual Training Programme offering webinars, spotlight briefings, lunchbowls, practitioner forums and videocasts. Our training programme is complemented by e-learning courses7 minute briefings Learning from Practice ReviewsLearning Events and by subscribing our SSCP YouTube channel. We will continue to review the possibility of offering face to face training in line with Government advice and local needs.

  • Visit also Salford Thrive for further Training, Resources and Events including Psychological First Aid, Mindfulness, Helping young people with anxiety, low mood and depression during Covid 19
  • The Emotional Health Service Directory will help you access useful resources and services available to support children and young people's emotional health and well-being and to provide guidance when making a referral into services. 
  • To support us to become more aware of trauma and how we can support resilience across the City, take a look at The Salford Way which includes self care resources for taking care of ourselves and our colleagues.

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