October 2020

SSCP Seriously Good Outcome Review Learning

We have today (28th October 2020) published the learning from our 1st Seriously Good Outcome Review (SGOR).

We have introduced seriously good outcome reviews- partners identify cases where agencies have worked well together and there are positive outcomes for the child. They examine multi-agency success, how it was achieved, impact on the lives of children and what we can learn to better safeguard and promote the welfare of children in Salford.

The SSCP want to celebrate and share the learning from good practice.  Please disseminate the key learning, reflect on the implications for your service and outline the steps your team will take to embed and improve practice in line with the findings and recommendations.

For more information on seriously good outcome reviews, learning from other reiews or to submit a referral to the practice review subgroup visit

If you have any valuable feedback about the impact this SGOR has had on practice please email:

Age Dispute Pathway

We have developed a new integrated adults and children’s social care pathway for referrals and response to Age dispute related referrals to either service.

This has been agreed by the Safeguarding Children Partnership and Adult Safeguarding board and has been produced as a result of learning from Helen Local Child Safeguarding Practice Review in Salford.

Please share the pathway and learning with your teams.

For more information or if you have any queries please

SSCP Job Vacancy: Participation Lead

Now is a very exciting time to join Salford’s Safeguarding Children Partnership. We want children growing up in Salford to be safe, well and their best! To help us achieve this we know that one of the most important things is ensure that EVERYTHING we do is underpinned by child, parental and community feedback and experience.

An excellent opportunity has arisen for a part time role as a Participation and Listening Hub Lead for the SSCP. This is a new role which has been born out of a 12-month innovation project.

Closing Date for applications: 4th November midnight. 

For more information or to apply visit:

SSCP Views Voice and Influence Report

Following completion of the 12 month SSCP Making a Difference project, the views shared by children, young people, families and communities have been collated into the partnership’s first ‘Views, Voice and Influence report’. Feedback is integral to our work and the report contains examples to demonstrate how services have listened and responded to the views shared. The SSCP will now build on this work and model supported by a dedicated participation lead. If you have any questions, comments or wish to share feedback please contact

Threshold of Need and Response 2020 & Survey

The SSCP has refreshed the Threshold of Need and Response Framework as an interim holding document.

This document is the criteria for taking action and providing help across this full continuum to ensure that services are commissioned effectively and that the right help is given to the child at the right time. It should be transparent, accessible and understood by all practitioners and applied consistently.

Key updates include:

  • Aligns to SSCP arrangements e.g. partnership branding and updated website hyperlinks
  • Complies with accessibility regulations
  • Updated Professional Challenge and Escalation Policy
  • New Thriving Families and Neglect tools

Please promote this guidance in your agency and embed into relevant training and policies. For more information visit

A multi-agency working group is meeting in November to re-write the document. We want the views and experiences from practitioners, parents and young people to shape what it looks like and inform the working group plan. Please complete this short survey by  11 November 2020

For more information email:

Introducing the Thriving Families Neglect Tool

Child neglect is a key priority in Salford and across the city are working together to support professionals and practitioners identify potential cases of neglect. The brand new ‘Thriving Families Neglect Tool’ is an important part of that and is designed to aid discussions with families, guide practitioner on what to look for and give them the confidence to identify cases of neglect.

The tool brings together specialist knowledge and the best elements of a number of existing models to replace the Graded Care Profile in Salford. It’s designed to enable a natural discussion between professionals and parents, signposting to useful tools and support along the way. This includes benefits advice and debt advice to ensure that the new assessment embeds a poverty informed approach into our work. To support this Salford City Council’s welfare rights and debt advice service has launched its newly revised online referral form for residents to self-refer or for professionals to use with client consent.

We want the tool to make a real difference to how we work in Salford to identify neglect and support families to thrive, so feedback is always welcome. For more information, or to view the tool, please visit the Neglect pages on the SSCP website.

Salford Information Advice and Support Services (SIASS)

SIASS works with children, young people and their families, aged 0-25 years, who have Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). We work tirelessly to provide information, advice and support to those who have SEND, including those with health and social care needs. You can find out more about SIASS by accessing our page on the Local Offer here. We support families by offering specific advice issues relating to SEND and the law, supporting parents at meetings, helping families look at what support they may be entitled to, help with issues to do with school and signpost them to other services. As well as finding out what SIASS does the Local Offer has a whole range of resources, information and support for children and young people with SEND. Find out more about the Local Offer here. We accept referrals from parent, young people and any professionals working with these families. You can either e-mail us directly at or fill in our online referral form. As we move into the future we are sourcing new opportunities to meet young people and their families within the community, especially considering the implications of the current pandemic and how we work in a more virtual way. We have an excellent Facebook presence, which can be found here. Don’t forget to join us to keep up to date with all the excellent work we do and all the current development and trends in SEND both locally and nationally.

Black History Month in Salford - Still I Rise

During Black History Month, we remember and celebrate the important people from the past and also those who continue to contribute and help our society today. The Still I Rise exhibition celebrates Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) culture in Salford and tells the stories of some of those working in the city’s public and voluntary sectors which includes a series of portraits, stories and a film

If you’d like to know more about Black History you can also watch this short film and two short films, 'Checking out me history' by John Agard and 'What is white privilege and why is it important' by psychologist John Amaech. For more information visit the Black History Month website.

ICON Campaign

During this challenging time stress levels at home may be increased. Please follow the ICON guidance for coping with crying. The advice and support that underpins ICON is available for all health and social care professionals to ensure the message is provided to all families with babies. 

For more information visit or to download the resources visit

Lullaby Trust—Safer Sleep for babies

Unsafe sleeping is an issue that often is found to be a cause of Sudden Unexpected Death in Children (SUDC).

The Lullaby Trust provides advice on safer sleep for babies and offers emotional support to bereaved families.

Their advice page covers sleep positioning, room temperature, how to share your room with a baby, best mattresses, co-sleeping, swaddling and sleeping products.

This guide contains guidance for parents and guardians on sleeping as well as products such as cots, prams car seats and thermometers.

Safeguarding Adults Awareness Week 16-22nd November 2020

16-22nd November marks the 2nd national Safeguarding Awareness Week led by the Ann Craft Trust. There will be lots of activities taking place across Salford to raise awareness of Adult Safeguarding amongst both the public and professionals. Salford Civic Centre will be lit up purple to mark the start of the week. We will be running a social media campaign so look out for posts on Facebook and Twitter and please share them. Training on Mental Capacity Act (see below) will be taking place and we will be sharing new resources so watch this space!

We know that many of our members are also planning activities to raise awareness and to strengthen safeguarding in Salford – so thank you.

If anyone is interested and would like more information, please drop us an e-mail:

This week will be followed by 16 days of awareness around domestic abuse, highlighting avenues of support. Please help support both these campaigns by sharing our messages with your communities.

Other National Days - October 2020

9th October- Baby Loss Awareness Week

This year The Baby Loss Awareness Week are highlighting isolation many people are experiencing after a baby loss. This is particular relevant this year, due to the effects of social distancing from Covid-19. For more information please visit:

10th October- World Mental Health Day

It is estimated that 1 in 4 people will suffer some form of mental health issue. Approximately, 50% of mental health difficulties start before the age of 14 years. There's a range of ongoing help and support available to support your health and wellbeing and that of children, young people and families.

  • Salford Thrive: supporting children and young people’s emotional health and wellbeing – Resources and Emotional Health Service Directory
  • The Salford Way: Resources on taking better care of ourselves and our colleagues - Self Care Toolkit
  • Mental Health Support - If you are worried about your own mental health or  worried about someone you know, for example an older person, a child or an adult there is help, information and support available on Salford CCG
  • Greater Manchester's Big Mental Health Conversation: Have your say to help understand key issues and shape future work in mental health services - Complete the survey and enter a prize draw to win one of twenty £25 One4All vouchers

10th October- National Hate Crime Week

Raising awareness and encouraging the reporting of hate crimes and incidents is an important task throughout the year, but we can take the opportunity to highlight key activities during campaign weeks. For further information on Hate crime and reporting is available on

Useful Links to Training, Information and Resources

In the absence of face to face training for the foreseeable future the Salford Safeguarding Children Partnership has developed a Virtual Training Programme. In addition to e-learning courses7 minute briefings Learning from Practice Reviews and Learning Events we are now offering webinars, spotlight briefings, practitioner forums and videocasts. We will continue review the possibility of offering face to face training in line with Government advice and local needs.

Visit also Salford Thrive Training, Resources and Events on Vulnerable Teenagers, Child Bereavement, Gaddum Therapy and Carers service and more. The Emotional Health Service Directory will help you access useful resources and services available to support children and young people's emotional health and well-being and to provide guidance when making a referral into services.

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