News from November 2019

November 2019

Professional Challenge and Escalation

Salford Safeguarding Children Partnership (SSCP) have updated the professional challenge and escalation guidance in response to learning from Case Reviews.

Recent case reviews have evidenced that multi agency working is strong in Salford and partners are good at sharing their views regarding what is working well for children and families and what could be better. However, there are times when disagreements occur and require informal/formal escalation if concerns cannot be resolved.

Learning from case reviews has been that effective challenge and escalation has not always been achieved and on occasions this has meant that the multi-agency professionals have remained in disagreement without resolution, impacting on how effective agencies work together to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. Constructive challenge among colleagues within agencies and between agencies provides a healthy approach to keep children safe. There needs to be a clear process in place to achieve and evidence this while keeping the focus on the child and their needs.

Please find attached the updated local guidance and professional challenge form. We will incorporate this into the SSCP multi-agency training programme and the guidance and supporting form is available on the policies and procedures page of the SSCP website:

Item added 22nd November 2019

Are you a Salford Parent or Carer?

We would like to hear your views on how we keep children and young people safe, well and able to thrive growing up in Salford.

If you send us your details using the form below, we will contact you to let you know more about how you can help us to help children and young people. From completing surveys to parent groups to telling us about your experience of services;  however you choose to be involved we would love to hear from you.

Item added: 21st November 2019

Practice review policy and toolkit

The Practice Review Policy and Toolkit has been published. 

If you are aware of multi-agency working that has resulted in a seriously good outcome, or you are concerned about the way agencies have worked together with a particular case, you can make a referral to the practice review sub group.

Date added: 13/11/2019

Initial Child Protection conference- reflective session

In January 2019, the Safeguarding and Quality Assurance Unit (SQAU) introduced a pre-reflective discussion for professionals attending initial conferences as a pilot. This was in order to learn from and discuss cases where children have returned to an Initial Child Protection Conference (ICPC) within 12 months of the previous Child Protection Plan (CPP) ending. Furthermore for children who are being discussed for a third or subsequent time at an initial conference, irrespective of the time lapse, whether they are made subject to CPP or not.

The aim of the discussion is to reflect on the impact of practice, what worked well and what we have learnt. The reflective discussions are analysed to consider themes and reported to the Safeguarding Partnership to support practice developed with the aim of improving outcomes for children and families.

It is hoped that in the longer term it will reduce child protection re-plans and inform any gaps in service provision across the city.

The SQAU have reviewed the impact of the reflective sessions over a four month period, the outcome was that it is too early to truly understand the impact and feedback from the majority of practitioners is that these session have had a positive impact upon practice.

Therefore the pre-reflective sessions will continue for a further 12 months and the impact of them will remain under review. The guiding questions have been updated after feedback from practitioners and to reflect themes in practice. 

We know that they have the biggest impact when all partners attend. Please can you disseminate this email to practitioners and support their attendance when needed. Practitioners will know if a reflective session is taking place as they will receive the details within the conference invite.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Emma Ford, Head of Safeguarding or Vickie Hollingworth, CPCO Service Manager  on 0161 603 4350 if you would like to discuss anything.

Date added: 6th November 2019

Route29 (formerly known as No Wrong Door)

This year, we are changing the way we help young people aged 12-17 in care and on the edge of care. Currently too many Salford young people in care are placed outside the city, meaning they have to change schools, move away from their friends and don’t always get the support they need.

We are introducing a new way of working, which has been very successful in North Yorkshire. Route29 (known as ‘No Wrong Door’ in North Yorkshire and other areas) is an integrated service for adolescents with complex needs that brings together a team of specialists working together through a shared practice framework. The model operates as an edge of care/outreach service, focused around a re-purposed children’s home that acts as a hub to bring together a multi-disciplinary team, including a clinical psychologist, police, speech and language therapist and ‘stickable’ key workers.

We are in the process of 360° co-designing with young people, carers, staff and partners. They have been central to our planning so that we get it right and meet their needs. We are aiming to go live with our hub by the end of this year.

For more information visit: 

Date added: 6th November 2019

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