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National CSE Awareness Day -18 March 2019 #CSEday19

Greater Manchester Police have produced a series of imagery as a reminder to the public of the vulnerability of young people and no matter how they act, look or are perceived they are still a child.

No matter what image a young person portrays to the outside world they are #Stillachild, they are still vulnerable to exploitation and we, with the public's help, are here to protect them.

For more information follow @notokaygm or visit the It's not okay website.

Item added 18/03/2019

#KnifeFree Campaign

As part of the government's ongoing commitment to tackling serious and violent crime, we are supporting the Home Office to run a communications campaign to reduce knife crime. The #knifefree campaign aims to change the attitudes and behaviours of young people aged between 10-21 years old, through telling stories of real young people who have made the decision to not carry a knife.

There are also some graphics and posters available to use. The Home Office have also worked with the PSHE Association to develop lesson plans for key stage 3 and 4 students. They can be found here: #knifefree lesson plans

Date added: 18/03/2019

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