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New Salford Safeguarding Children Partnership Arrangements

Salford Safeguarding Children Partnership We are pleased and excited to announce Salford has published its new multi-agency safeguarding arrangements. From 1st April Salford Safeguarding Children Board will be replaced by a new Salford Safeguarding Children Partnership. You'll see the new logo and branding appear on our website and in future communications and publications from February 2019.

The work to deliver safeguarding training, share learning from case reviews and good practice will continue. However, a new partnership will mean that new initiatives and ways of working will be rolled out, many of which you have already begun and you will know about.

The main changes will be to strengthen our review of practice and safeguarding assurance, improve understanding of impact, improvement, and create further efficiencies.

Please download a copy of the new multi-agency safeguarding arrangements and promote through your agency networks and social media channels

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Item added 31/01/2019

Take Action Today North West Briefing note

'Take Action Today, Put Them Away' is a campaign that aims to raise awareness of how to prevent household poisoning among children under five years old. This programme is now being rolled out across the North West.

For more information please download the briefing note below.

Item added 29/01/19

Safeguarding in Salford Learning Event

On the 14th December 2018 we held a joint event with Community Safety Partnership and the Safeguarding Adults Board to share important learning from case reviews and practice. It was great to see such a great turnout with over 140 professionals working with children, adults and communities, coming together to  explore how we can improve outcomes for citizens of Salford. For more information on the event, including presentations and useful links please visit  

Items added 28/01/19 

Threshold of Need and Response 2019

The SSCB has refreshed the Threshold of Need and Response Framework following the implementation of Working Together 2018 and the refreshed Early Help Strategy.

This document is the criteria for taking action and providing help across this full continuum to ensure that services are commissioned effectively and that the right help is given to the child at the right time. It should be transparent, accessible and understood by all practitioners and applied consistently.

Key updates include:

  • Reference to Working Together 2018
  • Reference to the Early Help Strategy 2018-21
  • Replaced Family Assessment with Early Help Assessment
  • New supporting 7 Minute Briefing

Please promote this guidance in your agency and embed into relevant training and policies.

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Is the local thresholds criteria clear, accessible and understood? If you have any feedback please email:

Item added 10/1/2019

Counter-extremism policy in schools

The House of Commons Library has published a briefing setting out duties on schools in England to safeguard children from extremism, promote British values, and related policy debates. The briefing includes an overview of: the role of schools in preventing extremism; how to raise concerns; the Prevent strategy; teaching British values in schools; out-of-school settings; home-schooled children; Ofsted inspections.

Young people in custody

The Home Office has updated information for young people under 18-years-old who have been detained in custody. The booklet and leaflet includes information on rights and entitlements such as what happens after being arrested, rights and the support people can give.

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Lead Professional Handbook update

Updates have been added to the guidance to reflect;

  • Changes to the Early Help Assessment team contact details
  • Broadened the definition of 'health needs' in relation to children with disabilities including complex health needs and children with mental health needs.

Further information on policies, procedures and the Lead Professional Handbook is available on the following link:

SSCB Annual Report 2017-18

We published our 'Annual Report 2017-18' on 7th January 2019. The annual report provides a rigorous and transparent assessment of the impact and effectiveness of local services to safeguard children in Salford. It identifies key achievements, challenges and proposals for action. The report sets out key areas we will seek assurance on from other strategic partnerships and partners as well as themed priorities for 2018-19 to enhance multi-agency safeguarding practice in Salford:

Themed Priority Areas 2018-19

  1. Neglect
  2. Sexual Abuse and Exploitation
  3. Missing from Home, Care and Education
  4. Complex Safeguarding

Key Assurance Areas 2018-19

  1. Early Help
  2. Children Affected by Domestic Abuse
  3. Emotional Health and Wellbeing

This is the final year that we will publish an Annual Report as Salford Safeguarding Children Board (SSCB). The report for 18-19 will be published by the new partnership in accordance with Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018.

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