Partnership compact

The Local Safeguarding Children Board has been given the lead role in co-ordinating and improving services to promote and safeguard children (Section 11). In order to do this each agency has been compelled under Section 10 of the Children Act 2004 to co-operate with each other. 

The Salford Safeguarding Children Compact was originally published in 2011 as a SSCB agreement and has been revised to reflect the increased partnership working in Salford. 

The Compact underpins all the work undertaken by Salford Safeguarding Children Partnership (SSCP) and Salford Children & Young People's Trust Board (SCYPT). It has been agreed by the Chairs of the two boards, and endorsed by Salford Health and Wellbeing Board (SHWB). 

The Compact is a shared agreement between the three partnerships and their member agencies, statutory and voluntary, to establish a co-ordinated approach for safeguarding and promote the welfare of children and young people and their families in Salford. It sets out the vision, role, commitment, functions, objectives, priorities, and standards agreed by all board members. 

It is designed to be: 

  • A blueprint for improving partnership working between agencies. 
  • A tool which provides the basics for partnership working at a local level 
  • A living document including shared values, principles and commitments in relation to how we best work together to achieve more for our local community. 

In Salford we want our compact to be central to our work with children and young people and to act as a tool which creates a climate of continual improvement.

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